Smart Power of Alexander the Great

As I present here in this blog my point of view, I always try to compare important moments from history with what is happening today.My favourite topic – Smart Power, was in fact used, with much better effect in the ancient times by few leaders. But no one of them outrun Alexander the Great. He used all his tools of the international policy, to realize his ideas.

Alexander the Great policy was unique in whole of the history. He started his political career in a very young age but managed to stay in power and start the war with Persia, which was a dream of Greeks. Greeks were invaded by the Persians few times earlier and it was a time for revenge. Alexander was ruthless, but not without cause. He drunk wine – but it was long expedition and he had many strong personalities under his command. He won all of the battles he commanded against humans, lost just one – against the desert. Brought political systems which people were used to have. He didn’t force any nation to change their political system or even religion. He built the shrines of all beliefs. He ordered the marriages of his Macedonians and Greeks and advised them to dress same as the countries they stay in and learn the languages of those lands. Did not order everyone to believe what he did. This was a real Smart Power. Become friend, husband, commander, king, pharaoh and finally the god. Is it truly make him maniac? Did not Persians or Egyptians believed that their king is in fact a god or at least god’s son? If he stayed just friend of his Macedonian generals, would it be possible to keep the power in the east and south?

This time I put it not in words but in maps, pictures and fragments of films:


Autor: Milczanowski Maciej

Maciej Milczanowski Maciej is a former professional soldier, participant of two foreign missions: UN in Golan Heights commander of platoon and position (1997-1998) and NATO Iraq Battle Capitan in Tactical Operation Center (2004-2005). Holds an MA in National Defense Academy in Warsaw and Ph. D. in Jagiellonian University both on politics in ancient history and he now works in University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland. Visiting Fellow in Hoover Institution, Stanford University. CEO of Institilute for Research of the National Security and leader of the Zimbardo Center for Conflict Resolution (Z-CenterC&R)


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