Russian „imperial” politics and economy on graph

Slajd1The last news about Russia falling economy and also disorder in the closest allies are the signs of growing problems of Vladimir Putin. One of the most interesting comments was made by his closest ally, Alexander Lukaszenka, who have said: „If Crimea is Russian, than Russia need to give back it’s territories to Mongolia” In Ukraine, Poland or Baltic states many people repeated such words very often, but between the highest ranked politicians it haven’t been said until now. In the interview, Lukaszenka says that not only Mongolia could have the historical claims on the Russian lands but also Kazakhstan. Such words have to be hurtful for president Putin as they underline exactly the hypocrisy of the Kremlin policy in the Ukraine, but also send message to Kremlin that both it’s closest allies deeply oppose it’s policy in Ukraine. So the problems of lowering of the Rouble and oil prizes – two largest concerns of Kremlin are getting now even more complicated, because of the growing discontent of the Belarus. Also Kazakhstan tries to distance itself from Kremlin policy. Few weeks ago president Putin, during his visit in this Large Asiatic country have questioned the nationality and by this, the rights to be self-dependent of the Kazakhs people. It was a strong signal that he will use all means to shape this coalition in the direction which only Moscow decide. Some understood it, as the strengthening of the Russian control of it’s area of influences. But after Lukaszenka words, it could be seen also as a desperate move, to frightened Kremlin allies who are very unstable in this so called Euro-asia Union. Graph shows the two most destructive trends for the Russian politics. It shows situation at the end of November but month later situation get dramatic. Russia worsen it’s situation in all spheres as a international player. Annexations, military operations in the neighbouring countries, weak try of rebuilding the imperial policy  led to the vast sanctions and econo-political operations, most probably prepared by USA and Gulf countries in the frames of OPEC – („Why the oil price is falling”, The Economist, Dec 8th 2014,, which caused Russian real loses and great weakening it’s next year total military budget. Even EU is much more united because of Russian continuous aggression and repeated obvious lies of it’s president. Now it’s time for Kremlin to get back to it’s more reasonable politics. Although the consequences will be long lasting for sure.


Autor: Milczanowski Maciej

Maciej Milczanowski Maciej is a former professional soldier, participant of two foreign missions: UN in Golan Heights commander of platoon and position (1997-1998) and NATO Iraq Battle Capitan in Tactical Operation Center (2004-2005). Holds an MA in National Defense Academy in Warsaw and Ph. D. in Jagiellonian University both on politics in ancient history and he now works in University of Information Technology and Management in Rzeszow, Poland. Visiting Fellow in Hoover Institution, Stanford University. CEO of Institilute for Research of the National Security and leader of the Zimbardo Center for Conflict Resolution (Z-CenterC&R)


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