For the MA – main area of interest was history of Alexander the Great and his conquest with real focus on his actions and potentials in building real multicultural society.

My MA was made in the National Defense Academy with the subject of:

“Motives of Alexander the Great”. Part of that research was published in the book “Alexander’s conquests”, Zabrze 2005,

For the PhD the main area of interest was in the propaganda used to gain the power in the Roman Empire. In that propaganda name of the Caesar played crucial role.

PhD in Jagiellonian University – with the subject of the thesis: “The Name of Caesar in the struggles of power during Second Triumvirate”. As a promotor was prof. Edward Dąbrowa.

After the PhD the book was published on he basis of the thesis: “In the shade of Divine Julius”

Books and main articles before the PhD:

“In the shade of Divine Julius”, Krakow 2010.

“Conquest of Alexander the Great”, Zabrze 2005

“Philippi 43BC”, Oswiecim 2006

”Dziwny Sojusz”(Strange alliance as a cover for the struggle between Cicero and Octavian), [in:] Nowy Filomata, IX, 2005, pp 203-215,
“Caesarion in Cleopatra’s politics”, EOS 2, 2006, pp 227-238.
“The Cult of Divus Iulius in Octavian’s Political Propaganda”, Celator (USA), vol. 23, no 7, 2009, pp. 6-24. “Participation of the Polish Armed Forces In the action against terrorism in Iraq in the contecst of the international and security politics of the country and European Union” [in:] Faces of the Terrorism, (Polish) Rzeszów 2011.

"Best Leaders create victorious strategies and victorious strategies need the best leaders"

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