From 1996 as professional soldier in Polish Army:
Signal Platoon Commander in 21 HQ Battalion.

Infantry HQ Platoon/Post no 60 Commanding Officer, during mission in
– United Nations in the Golan Heights .

Officer in 21 HQ Battalion in Rzeszow.
Officer in HQ of the 21 Podhalanian Rifleman Brigade.

From July 2005 till February 2006 – participation in Coalition Forces in Iraq – Battle Captain in the Tactical Operation Centre of the 1Brigade Combat Team (1BCT) of MND CS.

Collection of photos in the Hoover Institution, Stanford University

Main military exercises in:

Germany together with US 1st Infantry Division – Big Red One under command of gen. Craddock.

Uzbekistan with Uzbek Paratroopers,

Norway – together with Norwegian Armed Forces in the NATO exercise in Polar Circle – from Bardufoss (military airport) up to northern areas.

Many trainings in Poland together with Canadian, Austrian, British or Italian troops.

"Best Leaders create victorious strategies and victorious strategies need the best leaders"

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