2006 – 2010 Ph.D. studies in Jagiellonian University in Krakow. Thesis: “Caesar’s name in the context of fights during the second triumvirate”. In fact I have to add, that studying in the UJ was something more than education! It was fulfillment of dream to become a part of the greatest and most noble institution in Poland and one of the greatest in the world. Of course my measure does not base on the finances but on the prestige, history and  tradition. Moreover to be a pupil of prof. Edward Dąbrowa was a great honor. Other lectures I participated were with great professors of archaeology, history of art, anthropologists and many others.

2001 – 2004 Master studies at National Defense Academy, History Department. Thesis: „Motives of Alexander the Great conquers” – written in Polish. Lectures with dr Jeremiasz Ślipiec or prof. dr hab. Andrzej Aksamitowski were really great experience.


1992 – 1996 High Military School of Telecommunication, Rank 2nd LT, Grade: Engineer of telecommunication. Connection of military training with education on high level. Great experience and as such was important to me. Although telecommunication have not become my area of interest.

"Best Leaders create victorious strategies and victorious strategies need the best leaders"

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